Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Statistics on my blog indicate that no one is using it, so I won't take the time to update it.  You can contact me at andrew.jones2@nbed.nb.ca if you would like information about homework, assignments, or test schedules.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Math 11 - We are working on Triganometry

Math 10 - We are working on solving and estimating radicals.  Homework, do p. 211 #3, and 9-12.

ICE - We are trying to get everyone finished up on old assignments.  Tomottow is test day:  Study notes and handouts related to Carburetors, Safety and Shop Procedures (CDX - Units 1, 2, and 3), and Shop tools (2 handouts).

Nautical Studies - We had a test today on vessel stability.  We will continue to work on that for a couple more days and write one more test.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Math 11 - Test Wednesday

Math 10 - Test Wednesday

ICE - Test Friday

Nautical Studies - Test Thursday

Friday, October 23, 2015

Math 11 - We are working on graphing and calculating changes.  Students should be doing some work each night including looking over questions that they have already completed.

Math 10 - We are working with complex polynomials.  Students decided that we should have our big unit test (which could include anything we've done so far this year) next Wednesday so we can have one more day of practice.

ICE - We've used spark plug testers, torque wrenches, RPM testers, and the computer diagnostic equipment this week in the shop. Also, we have a new handout of tools that students are responsible for knowing (name and use).  Everyone needs to finish Module 3 in CDX (and the quiz) by Wednesday.   Next week we need to focus on a unit test (TBA).

Nautical Studies - We are studying vessel stability using the Fish Harvester's Assoc. simulation software.  There are notes and worksheets that should be reviewed each night in preparation for weekly assessment.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Math 11 - We wrote a quiz today and then there was a "Way To Go" assembly.

Math 10 - We wrote a quiz and worked on a practice worksheet.  Make sure that all work work is caught up in your scribbler.

ICE - We disassembled a carburetor in the shop. 

Nautical Studies - We had a quiz on the first lesson in stability, then we worked on the Fish Harvester simulator including a summary of learning worksheet for section 25-49.  You should be studying notes, handout, and worksheets each night. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Math 11 - We have looked at a variety of aspects of slope, pitch, grade, and now we are looking at changes in data over time. Students should be reviewing every night even if they don't have homework.

Math 10 - We covered serveral topics before Thanksgiving and I did a scribbler check over the weekend.  We are now factoring polynomials.  Remember to review every night, even if you don't have homeowork.

ICE 11 - Some of our learning is in class, some in the shop, and some online.  Students can work on the online learning from home if they are not caught up.  We completed Unit 1 and Unit 2 and I'm passing those back (so I can't accept any more assignments).  We are working on unit 3... VIN numbers... and computer diagnostic systems.

Nautical Studies - We completed Collision Regulations and we did the unit test.  Now, we are working on Stability.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Math 11 - We had a qui on application of slope.  We will continue to work on this.  Extra help is Tuesday and thursday after school. 

Math 10 - Test day on Wednesday. This is a unit test on everything we have done up to last Friday.  We will move on to factoring polynomials. 

ICE 11 - We are completing the CDX Safety modules online.  You can work on these at home (and should be if you have internet access). http://gmcs.cdxauto.ca  Homework tonight: Correct the answer on the quiz so you can resubmit them tomorrow.

Nautical Studies 11 - We have completed COLREGs 1-19.   We are going to have quizzes this week to check your knowledge.  Next, why does a boat float?